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Because of the high amount of tension applied to garage door springs, repairs by someone untrained or inexperienced can be dangerous and even deadly. Our technicians provide the necessary parts and service to safely bring your garage doors and openers back up to acceptable operating standards. No job is too small or too big for Ideal Overhead Garage Doors. We are garage door professionals with over 16 years of experience, so trust us with your garage door needs!

garage door repair in Mesa, Arizona
garage door repair in Mesa, Arizona
garage door repair in Mesa, Arizona
Residential & Commercial

Spring Replacement

We collect broken springs! Spring replacement is our strong point. Our staff members are quick, friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. We are here and ready to help whenever you need it!

garage door repair in Mesa, Arizona
Broken Springs
garage door repair in Mesa, Arizona
Replaced Spring

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some questions and concerns about your garage door. Let us further help you find a solution by providing you with some of our frequently asked questions about garage doors.

The door closes halfway and then starts to reverse, why?

Cause: Broken Cable; Close force not properly adjusted; Dry rollers, bearings; Misaligned, dirty or defective photo eyes; Track is bent; Worn Extension Spring Cable pulleys; Cable off drum; Door obstructed.
Solution: Replace cable; Adjust force; Lubricate; Align, clean or replace if needed; Straighten, adjust or replace track; Replace worn pulleys; Call Professional to repair; Clear opening of garage door.

My garage door won’t open, why?

Cause: Broken Spring; Track is bent.

Solution: Replace spring. Straighten, adjust, and/or replace track.

The bottom of my garage door is not even, what should I do?

Cause: Frayed Cable; Jumped Cable.

Solution: Replace worn hardware; Call Professional to repair.

Whenever the garage door operates, it makes a scraping and squeaking sound, help?

Cause: End bearing plate tilted; Frayed Cable; Misaligned reinforcing strut; Worn Extension Spring Cable pulleys.
Solution: Straighten, reinforce, file shaft, and replace bearing if needed; Call a professional; Space strut evenly on sections; Replace worn pulleys.

The controls will open the door, but will not close the door?

Cause: Misaligned, dirty or defective photo eyes.

Solution: Align, clean or replace if needed.

The garage door won’t close all the way, any tips?

Cause: Broken Cable; Worn Extension Spring Cable pulleys; Door binds in tracks; Replace any bent hinges; Limits off possible gear kit.
Solution: Replace cable; Replace worn pulleys; Adjust track spacing or trim molding; Replace gear kit.


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